Welcome to the Bilowit Learning Center. We offer a creative, play-based environment where each child's own unique style of living and learning is valued and nurtured.


  • Low Student-Teacher Ratio

Our small classes encourages each child to explore the world, to learn to be a part of a group and work effectively with one's peers. Learning is self-rewarding, joyous and non-competitive. 

  • Jewish Values

The Bilowit Learning Center offers a rich and very meaningful program of Jewish 
content at the child's level. We offer this not only during fun-filled and beautiful 
Shabbat and holiday celebrations, but our Judaic curriculum is seamlessly interwoven into all areas of learning including literacy, math and science. 

  • Learning through Play

Your child will also gain a good foundation of skills by learning the alphabet, numbers, songs, etc. that build a whole person who is confident, has high self-esteem and an awareness of the world around them. An environment of wonder, exploration and discovery awaits your child.

  • Experienced Staff

The Bilowit Learning Center has staff members who are credentialed specialists in early childhood education with years of experience and proven skills appropriate for the needs of a young child.


  • Family Involvement

Our center is a place where the entire family is a very important and integral part of the educational process. Through newsletters, social activities, holiday celebrations and
individual conferences, we work together to build a caring partnership. The family 
becomes a significant part of the larger community. 


"Finding the Bilowit Learning Center has nurtured my child,
helped her grow, instill the positive values I had hoped to find in a school, while simultaneously providing her with the Jewish education I had hoped for. I thank the entire staff with all my heart."